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Casual design for confident, consumer-facing startups

Ollie unlocks a world of possibilities in Webflow.  Build beautiful, modern websites at full speed with over 100 ready-made blocks or create your own blocks from the modular UI elements.  Ollie packs multiple navigation menu and footer options for maximum flexibility, along with a full suite of inner pages to complete your site.

We’ve thought of everything, so you’re ready for anything.

With a huge range of blocks to choose from, Ollie makes it easy to build an attractive landing page, no matter what your company does.  Each category of blocks comprises multiple style options so you will always find a block to suit the needs of your business.

A true UI Kit, built for flexibility

We designed Ollie to be modular, and each element has been carefully constructed to allow maximum flexibility.  This means you can take any pre-defined element and place it wherever you like, without modifying the underlying style rules.

Template features
  • CMS powered Blog
  • CMS powered Careers
  • CMS powered Case Studies
  • CMS powered Team
  • CMS powered Help Center
  • component based design for maximum flexiblity
  • styled forms for newsletter subscriptions and contact information
  • responsive layouts, tailored for all devices
  • global swatches for easy color scheme management
  • symbols for commonly used elements and sections
  • Google Fonts integration
  • 404 and Password Utility pages
Pages overview
  • 100+ x Pre-built content blocks across 16 categories
  • 6 x Navigation menu options
  • 6 x Footer options
  • 8 x unique landing pages
  • 3 x Blog listing layouts + article, author and category (CMS)
  • 2 x Careers layouts + job listing (CMS)
  • Case studies listing + single case study (CMS)
  • Help center category and article pages (CMS)
  • 4 x pricing styles
  • 3 x Contact layouts
  • 3 x About company layouts
  • 7 x sign up/login pages
  • 3 x Coming soon layouts
  • Download/Subscribe confirmation page
  • multi-use legal page for terms of service or privacy policy
  • Error page
  • Maintenance page