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Understated showcase for high-end interior designers

Abode provides a home for artists, interior design professionals, architects and fine craftspeople - whether working alone or as a studio collective.  Abode gives your work plenty of room to breathe, displaying hero pieces full-screen in project listing and offering flexible layout options for text and images in the project view.   With Abode you can easily publish topical articles and build an audience around your brand using the included Blog layouts powered by the stunningly simple Webflow CMS.

Subtle Yet Effective

Key to Abode’s artful and elegant aesthetic is the subtle application of animations and transition effects.  Each page welcomes the viewer with a graceful ease to impart a sense of calm and sets the mood for consideration of the content within.

Notable Features

  • A responsive portfolio tailored to all devices
  • Tasteful animations and subtle effects
  • Styled contact form
  • Easy setup and project publishing
  • Easy to maintain using Webflow CMS
Page Layouts
  • Home
  • About the studio
  • About each team member
  • Projects listing
  • Single project
  • Blog articles listing
  • Single blog article
  • Contact
  • Error (404)
  • Style guide
  • Changelog
  • Licenses
  • Figma design file provided upon request
  • All photography was sourced from Pexels and falls under the Pexels License