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Easy-going positivity meets clinical precision in Bloom

Easy-going positivity meets clinical precision in Bloom, a bold UI Kit for the healthcare and health-tech industry.  Bloom’s bold, professional tone is well suited to health-tech startups and can be used to freshen-up established health clinic sites where a welcoming, reassuring approach is required.  To help increase engagement with your website,  appeal to your audience directly with a blog styled by Bloom’s blog Template, and published by Webflow CMS.

Health-Tech Focussed

Whether your company offers telehealth products, provides a subscription service or holds the key to the next cure-all, Bloom is all you need to create an attractive online brochure for your health app or startup in the health-tech sector.

Notable Features

  • A Style Guide page allows you to edit site-wide styles from one place.
  • Multiple pricing layouts with additional comparison table.
  • Adaptive, responsive design, tailored for perfection on every device size.
  • Multiple styled contact forms.
Included Pages
  • 7x Landing pages
  • 3x Navigation styles with added information bar
  • 2x Footer styles
  • 63 re-usable sections across 9 categories
  • Pricing
  • Blog
  • Quotes
  • Videos
  • Icons
  • Metrics
  • Tabs
  • Forms
  • Text/Misc
  • bout company layout
  • 3x Pricing layouts
  • Plan your consultation layout (Contact form)
  • Clinic location layout (Contact details)
  • CMS-Powered Blog listing and Article layout
  • CMS-Powered Job Openings
  • Sign-in, Create Account, and Forgot Password pages
  • Long text / Terms of Use layout