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Stylish Portfolio for Visual Artists

A stylish home to showcase your hard work.

Blueprint is a strikingly minimal portfolio template for showcasing visual works. Tailor-more for Video, Visual Art, Design and Creative Agencies, Blueprint is the perfect portfolio solution for businesses across the gamut of creative disciplines.

Combining sleek lines, eye-catching interactions and a carefully curated palette of typefaces, Blueprint delivers an aesthetic that looks at home in the domains of Cinema, Fashion, Advertising, Social Media and more.

Make easy tweaks to better suit your brand.

Blueprint is an inherently monochrome design, but if you need to make slight adjustments to the given colour scheme, you can find all you need in one place, on the Style Guide page.  All common style elements are gathered here to make finding and making broad design changes much easier.  Typography, buttons, form inputs and colours are just some of the elements available to tweak and you’ll see your changes take place immediately across all pages in the template.

CMS-Powered Work & Blog

Blog posts in the form of news and opinion pieces are a great way to tell your brand story and add your own flavour to the content of your site.  Keep the audience up-to-date with what’s happening around your offices and offer key insights into the current state of your industry and beyond through long-form opinion pieces - all handled seamlessly through the Webflow CMS backend for editing and publishing content.

Notable Features
  • Animated full-page menu
  • Highlight each project in full detail on its own page with Webflow CMS
  • CMS Powered blog system to keep your audience informed
  • Webflow Powered forms for contact and newsletter subscription
Blueprint is a perfect fit for your next…
  • Film showcase
  • Design studio
  • Fashion showcase / lookbook
  • Advertising agency
  • Cinematography portfolio
12 Unique Page Layouts
  • Home 1
  • Home 2
  • Work listing 1 (CMS)
  • Work listing 2 (CMS)
  • Work listing 3 (CMS)
  • Work details article (CMS)
  • Services
  • About 1
  • About 2
  • About 3
  • Blog listing (CMS)
  • Blog article (CMS)
  • Contact (With form)
  • General
  • Password
  • Search results
  • 404
  • Template Related pages
  • Style Guide
  • Licenses
  • Changelog
  • Getting Started