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An elegant look for SaaS & Technology

Canny is a multi-layout template for showcasing software products with precision and style. Serving as a sophisticated backdrop for B2B technology firms, Canny showcases software in a light that's elegant and minimal, yet always accessible. Beyond its primary focus on SaaS, Canny seamlessly adapts to sectors like consulting, finance, and business services, offering a sleek and adaptable aesthetic for tech-oriented businesses looking to make an impression.

Visually, Canny is a study in sophistication, featuring a striking serif font that bridges the gap between the golden era of productivity software and contemporary design ethos. The monotone palette, accented with tasteful pastel highlights, underlines Canny’s minimalist philosophy, ensuring that the message, not the medium, takes center stage.

Canny features the complete suite of Webflow CMS capabilities:

  • The CMS for blogs allows businesses to effortlessly share insights, updates, and thought leadership, engaging audiences with regularly updated content.
  • A dedicated CMS for careers opens a direct channel to attract top talent, showcasing opportunities and company culture in a compelling format.
  • E-commerce capabilities are elegantly integrated, facilitating the sale of plans and services directly from the website, simplifying the conversion process.
  • User account pages are thoughtfully crafted to enhance the customer journey, offering personalized experiences that foster loyalty and satisfaction.

Included Pages

  • Landing Pages (Three Variations)
  • Pricing Pages (Three Variations)
  • Request Demo
  • Customer Stories
  • About Us
  • Contact
  • Blog (Three Variations), Blog Single (CMS)
  • Careers, Career Single (CMS)
  • Sign Up, Log In, Reset Password, User Account
  • Legal
  • 404, Search Results