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News website with a monochrome, minimal look

Use Catalyst to start an online news website or grow an audience for your existing organization.  Spotted a niche? Start a blog with a purpose and speak your truth through long-form articles or video posts.  Catalyst is the perfect home for your new company-wide news feed, or academic research publication.

Easy Setup, Composing and Editing

Get set up and start publishing right away, with Catalyst.  Set up multiple authors and categorize posts under tags quickly and easily through Webflow CMS.  Articles are easy to compose and edit using the straightforward rich text environment offered by Webflow.

Article Reading Progress Bar

It can be hard to win the attention of your readers - so keep their attention a little longer with Catalyst’s reading progress bar.  As your readers scroll through an article, they will see a progress bar extend across the top of the page to keep them on-task.

Ad supported home layout

If your site relies on revenue from in-page ads, we’ve got you covered.  Catalyst includes an ad-supported home layout with spaces for advertising to give you the flexibility to run ads if you need.

Video Posts

Sometimes you need more than words to convey the full story.  With Catalyst, you can feature a video in the post, and your readers will see a play icon on the post thumbnail to indicate that the post contains a video.

Featured Posts

Give emphasis to a trending topic by featuring a story at the top of each category page.  Simply set the story as featured in Webflow CMS, and the article will take top position when listing its relevant category.

How will you use Catalyst?
  • Long form articles
  • Think pieces and opinion
  • Academic research and analysis
  • Personal Blog
  • School or university news hub
  • Student news publication
  • Local government news
  • Corporate press release hub
  • Accompanying blog to your existing website
Notable Features
  • Animated reading progress bar for articles
  • Styled mailing list subscribe forms
  • Styled contact form
  • Easy setup and publishing
  • Conditional thumbnail icon for video posts
  • Featured posts
Page Layouts
  • Home
  • Ad supported home
  • Articles listing by
  • Latest / all
  • By Author
  • By Category
  • By Tag
  • Single article
  • About the publication
  • Latest
  • Contact
  • Password
  • Error (404)
  • Search results
  • Template-specific Pages
  • Style guide
  • Changelog
  • Licenses