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For human-centered service businesses

Clearmind is designed to provide a welcoming, professional platform for a variety of service-oriented businesses. While primarily designed for mental health and wellness practices, Clearmind's elegant visual aesthetic and robust functionality make it a versatile choice for non-profits, social services, professional consulting, and other wellness-related services.

Both inviting and soothing, the visual style of Clearmind invokes a sense of calm and trustworthiness. Featuring a base colour palette of deep forest greens and neutral beige tones, complemented by accents of ochre, lavender, and mossy pale green, the design is purposeful yet friendly. A sophisticated combination of Sans and Serif typefaces combine to contribute a touch of elegance.

Clearmind comes packed with all of the Webflow CMS features you know and love. The Blog allows for seamless publishing of articles and updates, while the Team feature offers a space to introduce therapists, practitioners, or similar professionals with detailed bio pages. Prepared CMS collections for Careers and Services provide structured layouts for job listings and service descriptions, respectively. Additionally, user pages for account management enable a personalized experience for clients and visitors.

Included Pages:

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