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Ecommerce platform template for digital goods

Collective is an E-Commerce platform template for creatives looking to monetize their digital goods. Host a range of digital products for sale under different author profiles, managed by a single site owner.  Products are simple to manage via Webflow’s easy-to-use CMS. Offer multiple product variations to give the customer choice and a range of price points to maximize conversions.


Give your customers options using Webflow E-Commerce variations. Each product can be offered in a range of variations, whether that be a differing license type or image resolution. Users make a simple choice from a drop-down box to add the desired variant to their cart.


Organize products easily through the use of categories and show a highlight reel from popular categories on the home page. Collective allows multiple authors to sell their digital goods and gives each author their own profile. Optionally feature a particular author on the home page.

Easy E-Commerce

Webflow E-Commerce takes the hassle out of running an online store. The purchase flow is conventional and designed for simplicity, ensuring a friction-free path from visitor to customer. Managing items in the back end is easy with Webflow’s intuitive interface.

Notable Features
  • Powered by Webflow E-Commerce
  • CMS powered blog
  • Group products by category and author
  • Easy checkout with Webflow E-Commerce
  • Feature authors and categories on the home page
  • Product variations for selling different licenses
  • Responsive layouts, tailored for all devices
  • Global swatches for easy color scheme management
  • Symbols for commonly used elements and sections
Included Pages
  • Product
  • Category
  • Author Profile
  • Blog Listing
  • Blog Article
  • About Us
  • FAQ
  • License