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Slick, monochrome elegance for your restaurant

Promote your restaurant with an elegant web presence as refined as your food offering.  Ember tastefully meets the online needs of your fine dining establishment, taking a measured approach to conveying your brand’s message and telling the brand story.  Subtle animations throughout evoke the poise and precision of a skilled chef at work.

Display enticing photography

They say we eat with our eyes first, that’s why each page in Ember is adorned with a graceful slider element, giving you plenty of room to show off the fruits of your labor and attract customers through mouth-watering imagery.

Template features

  • CMS powered Blog
  • styled form for table reservation
  • responsive layouts, tailored for all devices
  • global swatches for easy color scheme management
  • symbols for commonly used elements and sections
  • Google Fonts integration
  • 404 and Password Utility pages
Pages overview
  • Home layout
  • Our Story layout
  • Restaurant Menu Layout
  • Reservations form
  • News Listing (CMS-Powered Blog)
  • Contact Page with map and enquiry form