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For modern consulting firms

Designed for nimble and forward-thinking consulting firms, Forecast is the perfect multi-layout template for businesses seeking to establish a sleek online presence. While its primary focus caters to small to medium-sized tech consulting firms, its versatility stretches to accommodate a range of sectors including financial consulting, fintech, accounting, B2B software, and productivity solutions. This adaptability makes Forecast an ideal choice for those aiming to project professionalism, expertise, and cutting-edge solutions to their clientele.

With its sleek dark-mode backdrop coupled with vibrant accent colours, Forecast ensures that your brand’s personality shines through. A glass panel motif introduces depth and an added layer of sophistication to the design, complemented by crisp, sans serif typography that prioritizes clarity and ease of reading. Forecast’s meticulous attention to the finer details makes for an eye-catching user experience, while the human-centric photography adds a personal touch, inviting engagement and connection with your audience.

Incorporating essential Webflow features, Forecast is more than just a visually appealing template—it's a comprehensive toolset for effective online storytelling and business management. It includes a versatile CMS setup tailored for blogging, complete with categories and author pages to enrich your content strategy. For businesses looking to showcase career opportunities, the CMS extends to career listings, making it easier to attract top talent. E-commerce capabilities are seamlessly integrated, allowing for the sale of products or services directly through the site. Furthermore, user accounts functionality is built in, offering visitors a personalized experience and fostering a community around your brand.

Included Pages:

  • Three Landing pages for varied first impressions
  • Three Pricing pages to cater to different service tiers
  • Customers and Customer Story pages to highlight success stories
  • About page to share your journey and ethos
  • Blog and Blog Article pages for thought leadership and updates
  • Careers and Career Listing pages to attract potential team members
  • Three Contact pages to facilitate inquiries
  • Legal page for necessary disclosures
  • Sign Up, Log In, and Reset Password pages for user account management
  • User Account page for a personalized experience
  • 404 and Search Results pages to navigate the site efficiently
  • Password Protected page for exclusive content