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A vibrant brand for HR operations

You’ve found the perfect candidate.

Gauge brings a zesty brightness and radiant optimism to a sector in dire need of a makeover.  An ally in your quest to match motivated candidates with their dream role,  Gauge brings a colourful, upbeat façade to sell your staffing services so you can focus on assembling teams of talented, vibrant visionaries.

Packed with all the best attributes, Gauge has your HR and Staffing needs sorted from the jump;  Multiple home page layouts, CMS-powered job listings, customer stories and a blog come together to create a dynamic package fit for even the most demanding talent management company.

Bursting with a refreshing radiance, Gauge manages to balance vivacity and professionalism with finesse - a positive quality to look for in any prospective employee!  Recruit Gauge today and harness the energy your team needs to truly shine.

25 Included Pages

  • 3x Landing Pages
  • Customer Stories (CMS)
  • Customer Story (CMS)
  • 3x Pricing Page
  • About Company
  • Careers
  • Job Opening(CMS)
  • Book a demo
  • Legal
  • Blog (CMS)
  • Blog Article (CMS)
  • Contact details
  • Contact form
  • Locations
  • 2x Create Account
  • Sign in
  • Forgot Password