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Launch your own learning platform

Monetize your skillset and share your knowledge with Guru.  Starting a small online learning platform has never been easier - simply compose your premium course content and upload via Webflow CMS to start selling.  After checking out with Webflow Ecommerce, paying customers receive a file of your making, which contains a link to your content.  Guru is Medium Rare’s first Webflow template to facilitate hosting your premium courses or free tutorial content.

Host Free and Paid Courses

Hosting free courses with Guru allows you to give customers a preview of the course material and helps attract new users to your site.  Using strategic keywords in your free content can have the advantageous effect of bringing fresh eyes to your website through search engines, and could result in converting some users to paying customers.

How it Works

Guru makes use of Webflow CMS to organize courses and lessons.  Free courses are open to the public and available in full.  Premium courses must be purchased through Webflow Ecommerce checkout - whereby the user receives access to a specific file when payment is completed.  The downloaded file, which you provide, should contain a link to the course and lessons hosted on your site.  Courses use an obscure URL that cannot be guessed without the link.  You may also password-protect each course page for peace of mind, and only distribute the password in the downloadable file.

Multiple Course Authors

Team up with other authors in your network to sell a broader range of courses through the same Webflow Ecommerce account using Guru.  By supporting multiple authors and course categories, Guru allows you to expand your offering and cater to a wider audience which is great for SEO and can bring more eyes to your content.

Watch and Learn

Guru supports an embedded video for each lesson, as well as rich text editing to convey your course material.  A Youtube or Vimeo video can be displayed at the head of each lesson, optionally falling back to displaying an image if a video is not provided.

General Features
  • Host free and paid courses with multiple lessons each
  • Styled cart and checkout process, handled by Webflow Ecommerce
  • Multiple author capability (CMS)
  • Course categories (CMS)
  • Feature a course on the home page via switch in CMS
  • Video embed (Youtube, Vimeo) per lesson + rich text
  • CMS powered Blog
  • Style Guide page to make sweeping style changes easier
  • Styled forms for newsletter subscriptions and contact information
  • Responsive layouts, tailored for all device sizes
  • Global swatches for easy color scheme management
  • Symbols for commonly used elements and sections
  • 404 and Account/Password Utility pages
Page Layouts
  • Home / Landing page
  • About
  • Contact
  • Help / FAQ
  • Course listing
  • Course single
  • Lesson single
  • Blog listing + article layout (CMS)
  • Course category listing
  • Course author listing
  • Multi-use legal page for terms of service or privacy policy
  • Error pages
  • 1 x Navigation menu
  • 1 x Footer
  • Figma design file provided upon request
  • All photography was sourced from Pexels and falls under the Pexels License
  • Newsreader Display and Kumbh Sans typeface licensed under the Open Font License (OFL)
  • Sourced from, the icons fall under the MIT License - free for personal & commercial use.