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For rebellious brands with a sense of independence

Instance is a bold, monochromatic template featuring an imposing typeface, perfect for rebellious brands with a sense of independence and irreverence.  Ideal for use in a software setting, Instance introduces UI Snippets to help convey app interactions that demonstrate the usage of your product.  Standing out as a bold visual identity, Instance could help launch new brands, or just as easily fit in to your existing brand style.  

Introducing UI Snippets

Enhance images and add context with the included UI Snippets.  UI Snippets are responsive web elements, built right in Webflow Designer to add extra meaning to your marketing copy and demonstrate how your users will interact with your app.  When used in conjunction with photography, UI Snippets convey real use cases in ways that words cannot.  More than a simple UI image, UI Snippets can be edited in Webflow Designer to better reflect your app’s functionality while keeping a consistent look with the rest of your website.

Notable Features

  • NEW! UI Snippets demonstrate key app interactions styled in sync with your site.
  • Site-wide dismissible notification bar as a symbol.
  • Symbols used for common elements such as Navs and Footers.
  • Engaging yet subtle animations throughout page elements.
  • Working forms for user enquiries and requesting a demonstration.
  • Eye catching video background sections
23 Unique Page Layouts
  • 8 x Landing pages
  • About Company page
  • 3 x Pricing pages
  • Schedule a Demo Form page
  • Contact Us layout
  • Blog listing (CMS)
  • Blog Article (CMS)
  • Blog category listing (CMS)
  • Our Customers page (CMS)
  • Case Study layout (CMS)
  • Job Opportunity layout (CMS)
  • 3x Create Account pages
  • Sign In page
  • Forgot Password page
  • Custom 404 (Page Not Found)
  • Search results design
  • Password Protected Page design
  • Terms and Conditions / Legal disclaimer layout
  • Figma design file provided upon request with proof of purchase -
  • Photography was sourced from Pexels and falls under the Pexels License.
  • Iconography is sourced from Material Design Icon Library and all are free to use.
  • Both fonts Inter and Antonio fall under the OFL License.