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For SaaS & Startups

Designed for the dynamic world of SaaS, Ontask offers a contemporary home for software services, from team collaboration tools to comprehensive CRM systems and beyond. Ontask’s versatility makes it readily adaptable across sectors like human resources, productivity, or finance, providing an optimal starting point for companies eager to showcase their product in its best light.

Visually, Ontask makes a bold statement with a primary colour palette of vibrant orange and rich deep green, setting a tone that’s both energetic and professional. Light, sandy browns soften the visual impact, providing a welcoming neutral tone that invites users in.

Beyond page templates,  Ontask includes over 60 meticulously designed sections, providing a rich toolkit for crafting custom pages with ease. This collection of sections enables you to mix and match, copy, and paste sections to curate layouts that precisely meet your strategic needs. Each section is thoughtfully constructed to ensure coherence and consistency across your site, making Ontask not just a template, but a comprehensive design system.

Ontask integrates essential Webflow features to streamline and enrich the user experience. Supporting varied CMS needs—like sharing the latest company updates via a blog, highlighting team achievements in case studies, or showcasing career opportunities. E-commerce capabilities are neatly tied in for selling subscription plans, while membership pages complete the picture.

Included Pages:

  • Landing 1, Landing 2, Landing 3
  • Features 1, Features 2, Features 3
  • Pricing 1, Pricing 2, Pricing 3
  • About
  • Blog, Blog Single
  • Careers, Career Single
  • Contact
  • Legal
  • Customers, Customer Single
  • Log In, Sign Up, Reset Password
  • User Account
  • 404, Search Results