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A fresh look for SaaS & Tech

Bring your brand inline with Rebase

Sporting a well-rounded, clean-cut look, Rebase fits perfectly into the tech and software niche  with the required versatility to confidently rock it in the traditional corporate or finance spaces.  The range of fonts (four in total) and tasteful colour palette supported by a balanced mix of detailed illustrations, curated photography and UI Snippets lend Rebase a depth and authenticity that your brand deserves.  Rebase’s integrated blog and customer stories functionality powered by Webflow CMS round out the perfect candidate for your next software-oriented Webflow site.

Notable Features

  • Novel transparent nav bar with blur effect
  • CMS-Powered blog
  • CMS-Powered customer stories
  • A well-balanced colour profile that can be tweaked to fit any brand
  • Suited to a range of companies in a variety of industries
  • Working contact forms powered by Webflow
Rebase is perfect for your next…
  • SaaS
  • API provider
  • Open source software project
  • Web App
  • Fintech company
  • Tech startup

Everything your SaaS, app, tech startup, or open source project could need in a Webflow Template

18 Unique Pages
  • 3x Home / Landing pages
  • 3x Pricing pages
  • About company layout
  • 3x Contact layouts, including contact form and “book a demo” form
  • Blog Listing
  • Blog Article
  • Customers
  • Customer Story single
  • Sign-in, Create Account, and Forgot Password pages
  • Long text Legal / Terms of Use layout
  • 404, Password protection and Search results layouts

We may improve and update our Template designs over time, so keep an eye on the Changelog for what’s new.