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Green Technology, Logistics & Industry

Revolve is crafted for companies operating in the Green Technology sector with a fresh, modern look for Eco-tech, Logistics, and Industry. Beyond green tech, Revolve is also a perfect fit for Consulting firms, Supply Chain management, Trucking, Warehouse Logistics, Industrial Parks, Environmental initiatives and B2B Startups. It’s a digital foundation ready to adapt to a myriad of industrial and tech-focused enterprises.

Aesthetically, Revolve is a blend of authoritative elegance and meticulously clean lines, underscored by a sharp, typography-focused layout. This understated ethos is brought to life through a striking, singular shade of primary green, supported by a palette of subtle green-grey tones. Revolve establishes a professional yet invigorating visual identity, perfect for businesses looking to combine serious intent with innovative flair.

Revolve includes the full gamut of the latest Webflow features: The CMS Blog feature is not just a mere addition; it's an expansive platform complete with author and category pages, allowing you to publish and categorize content seamlessly. The CMS Customers feature is perfect for showcasing case studies, demonstrating your successes in a compelling format. For businesses selling plans, the Webflow E-Commerce integration offers a streamlined, user-friendly platform for sales. Revolve also features User Account pages designed to facilitate account sign-ups and subscription management, utilizing Webflow's Membership features. This allows customers to easily manage their accounts and subscriptions directly within the platform. Additionally, the template includes a CMS for Careers, which serves as a dedicated space for advertising job openings and showcasing company culture, aiding in building a strong and talented team.

Included pages:

  • Landing Pages: Landing 1, Landing 2, Landing 3
  • Feature Pages: Feature 1, Feature 2, Feature 3
  • Pricing Options: Pricing 1, Pricing 2, Pricing 3
  • Customer Engagement: Customers, Customer Single, Request Demo
  • Pre-Launch: Coming Soon
  • Company Insight: About, Careers, Career Single
  • Blogging Suite: Blog, Blog Single, Blog Category, Blog Author
  • Contact and Legal: Contact, Legal
  • User Interaction: Sign up, Log in, User Account, Reset password, Access denied
  • Sales and Products: Product
  • Additional Essentials: 404, Search results, Password protected