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Crisp, bright text and vivid neon imagery in a UI Kit

Rock the technical look that gets down to business.  Stack’s bright text and images burst out of the darkness with crystal clarity, while App Snippets and blocks of neon imagery reinforce the SaaS-centric design.  Evoking images of a neat and efficient server room, Stack caters effortlessly to the online software niche and beyond, giving SaaS startups and open source teams a solid base to show off their projects and attract top talent.

Notable Features

  • NEW! 15 Unique UI Snippets demonstrate key app interactions styled in sync with your site.
  • 4 defined CMS collections; Customer Stories, Careers and Help Center and Blog.
  • Site-wide dismissible notification above Nav Bar.
  • Symbols used for common elements such as Navs and Footers.
  • Forms for user enquiries, job applications and requesting a product demonstration.
  • Engaging yet subtle animations throughout page elements.

Stack is perfect for your next startup

  • SaaS platforms
  • Open Source initiatives
  • App agencies
  • Web developers

Everything your software startup could need in a Webflow UI Kit Template

23 Unique Page Layouts
  • Navigation bar with 3x distinct dropdown designs
  • 4x Product Tour
  • About Us
  • Integrations
  • Pricing tables page
  • Software Integrations listing
  • Customer Stories listing
  • Customer Story article
  • Careers / Job openings list
  • Job opening details with job application form
  • Blog Category listing
  • Blog article
  • Help Center article
  • Help Center Category
  • Legal / Terms & Conditions
  • Request a Demo page with form
  • Contact Us with form
  • 2x Sign Up
  • Sign In
  • Forgot password