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Host an unforgettable tech event

Elevate and Innovate

Synapse is for events and conferences bringing together the brightest minds at the frontier of discovery and innovation.

Host an in-person or online summit to discuss the boundless opportunities and the ever evolving moral and ethical implications in the fast-moving landscape of artificial intelligence.  Synapse is designed to attract your preferred audience of industry luminaries, visionaries and thought leaders, while facilitating a smooth and memorable conference schedule.

The tightly structured monochrome aesthetic gives a bustling appearance while housing only the most pertinent information, employing evocative, pulsating video blocks that allude to the ethereal subject matter.  A dedicated Sponsors page satisfies all stakeholder needs, ensuring that your valued sponsors receive the recognition and exposure they deserve, and a CMS-powered blog makes it quick and easy to publish news and updates in the lead-up to, and throughout the event.

With such a versatile design, Synapse is not strictly limited to the realm of AI, and will adapt equally well to events in the education, design, manufacturing, fintech, crypto-tech and block chain spaces.

Pave the way for a truly stand-out event with Synapse, and make your conference the next unmissable event on the global convention calendar.

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