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Casual charm for consumer-facing services

Waystone offers insurance providers a robust, customer-oriented foundation for selling insurance across various domains such as travel, vehicle, home contents, and business insurance. Balancing a welcoming aesthetic with a versatile feature-set, Waystone excels in presenting information-dense products in an accessible manner. Beyond insurance, Waystone is also suited to customer-facing service businesses and technology startups who require a fresh, optimistic design that encourages trust and engagement.

Policy pages provide a seamless experience for presenting and managing various insurance options, including an E-Commerce powered page for selling simple coverage plans. Comparison pages are included to help provide clear, comprehensive insights to customers, whether comparing internal products, market competitors, or different product tiers.

Visually, Waystone embodies a casual and laid-back vibe, with a fun and welcoming style. Hand-drawn illustrations combine with vibrant photography to form an aeshtetic that is human-centric and trustworthy.

Packed with powerful Webflow features, Waystone enhances user experience and streamlines content management. The CMS for Insurance Policies allows for efficient management and presentation of coverage options. The CMS for Blog and Careers sections provides a dynamic platform for sharing insights and job opportunities. E-Commerce functionality supports the sale of simple coverage plans directly from the site. Additionally, Waystone includes user pages for membership functionality, enabling a personalized experience for returning customers.

Included Pages

  • Landing Pages: Landing 1, Landing 2, Landing 3
  • Policy Pages: Policies 1 (E-Commerce powered), Policies 2, Policies 3, Policy Single
  • Comparison Pages: Comparison 1 (across internal products), Comparison 2 (across competitors in the market), Comparison 3 (between internal product tiers)
  • Service Pages: Get a Quote, About
  • Career Pages: Careers, Career Single
  • Blog Pages: Blog, Blog Single, Blog Author, Blog Category
  • Contact and Legal Pages: Contact, Legal
  • User Pages: Sign Up, Log In, Reset Password, User Account
  • Miscellaneous Pages: 404, Search Results, Password Protected